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Buckhorn Museum
    San Antonio family fun place!
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         Recommended by: Jamie Curtis
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Jacob's Review:
   Buckhorn is a restaurant and a museum and a arcade with animals and shooter games. There is real cowboys here and they know magic card tricks. There is real animals - but they are not alive cause someone shot them. But not the fish, those were caught.

Dad's Notes:
   An 1800's western Saloon & Adventurers hunt club! The old wood bar (120 years old), lunch tables, an arcade, gift shop, Hall of History - wax displays, employees in period dress - great place to take kids! Animal trophy's from around the world. A very neat place for lunch - allow your self some time for the tour! Among the many displays is a stuffed Woolly Mammoth, a Bowie knife collection, polar bear and more! (Some displays rotate). Jacob's favorite place to eat lunch.


Admission (subject to change):
Lunch is reasonable
Tour - About $9, $7 kids

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
10a - 5p

Drive Directions:
About 2.5 hours from Killeen: 190 E to I35S thru Austin to San Antonio. In San Antonio 35 splits upper and lower - go upper (although they come together again just prior to the exit). Exit 155B 'Downtown'. You are now on 'Durango St.' (Smell the BBQ). Left on S. Alamo (near the tower) go about 5 blocks, then 2 blocks west on Houston (the Alamo is on Houston & Alamo). You can't miss the giant Longhorn on the Buckhorn Saloon. On the corner of Houston and Presa. Watch for Cowboys, Hooligans and assorted varmints millin around outside.

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Jacob Tip:   When you go to a restaurant, you can get lemons in your water, if you ask the waitress when you order your drinks. It is for a little more flavor in your water.
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