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Jacob's Review:
   At the end of the cave there is a red light, don't go past there - but there is a river in the cave that is a ways down if you keep going. You can go to a part on the top and drink the water from the cave river.
   It might be a little wet in the caves, so don't have slippery shoes. You can do gold mining to find crystals too.

Dad's Notes:
   Animals: Another of the animal safari's that Texas is famous for! If you haven't been to one, make it a point to go! The kids love the up close action with real exotic animals! This is a must photograph event - see 65 species of animals from the endangered addax antelope to zebras; llamas to ostriches. Ever had a Buffalo come up to your car? They are bigger than you think! (Throw food out then drive a few feet - to keep them away from the car). Jacob couldn't decide if the Giraffes or Rhinos were his favorite.
  Picnic tables and concession food available. Tours every half hour.

  Caverns: This is not only a deep cave (180 ft underground) but it has several large rooms and some great flowstone and wet cave formations. The cave tour is about an hour and 20 min. Special caving Tours down to 230 ft (w/gear provided) are available - call for details.


Admission (subject to change):
Cave - About $12, $7 kids
Ranch - About $10, $6 kids

Phone Numbers:
Cave - 210-651-6101
Animals - 830 438 7400

Hours(subject to change):
9a - 5p (till 6p Summer)
Year Round except Christmas & New Year


Drive Directions:
About 2 hours from Killeen: 35S thru Austin, thru New Braunfels, Exit 175, Natural Bridge Caverns Road.

    Natural Bridge Cavern by Kevin Nivek Thanks Kevin!

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Jacob Tip:   You can remember that the hangy things from the ceilings are stalactites - cause they have to hang on tight.
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