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San Antonio River Walk
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Jacob's Review:
   This is really neat cause you can ride a boat under old time bridges. They don't have just Mexican food there. There is other stuff to eat to!

Dad's Notes:
   The famous San Antonio Riverwalk - Truly a Texas must see! The green plants overhanging the old stone walls while you walk along the river - flat boats traveling up and down as you walk under bridges and along cafes, little shops and restaurants. A most romantic place! Sculpted gardens, fountains, water - a colorful Mexican flavor - fun for grown ups alone or families together. Plan on a meal here. There are open air plays, shops, nice cafe - etc. My favorite restaurant here is called Boudro's - it is tex mex meets Euro Chef. It rocks! - Can't miss it, look for the 'Pringles potato chip' shaped table umbrella's.


Admission (subject to change):
Free to walk around, but good food, boat tours and more to do, see!

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Days - Sight see
Nights - Nightlife


Drive Directions:
About 2.5 hours from Killeen: 190 E to I35S thru Austin to San Antonio. In San Antonio 35 splits upper and lower - go upper (although they come together again just prior to the exit). Exit 155B 'Downtown'. You are now on 'Durango St.' (Smell the BBQ). Left on S. Alamo (near the tower) go two blocks, notice 'La Villita' shopping area on left. 2 more blocks you see the river center on your right . Many pay park lots in this area - You can get to the riverwalk either through the river center (exit out bottom floor) or old stone stairs near most of the street bridges in the area.

Riverwalk Family Fun

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Jacob Tip:   Bring a camera - sometimes you can ask people to take your picture with your camera, so the whole family can be in it.
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