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Jeanes Discovery Center
    Previously known as the Ollie Mae Moen Children Museum & Discovery Center
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Jacob's Review:
   We had a fun time at the Discovery Center. I really like science and the science room was the most fun to me. I enjoyed the different skeletons. In the TV News and Weather room, you can pretend that you are a reporter on the news. That was fun too. There is a costume room you can dress up in. There is a bee hive in glass - they fly in through glass tubes and you can see them making honey. In the Indian room, there was a teepee. I think my absolute favorite was the bubble room - it is a clean messy. There are bubble experiments, colored bubbles and a bubble wall. There is also a bubble tube you can stand in and make a giant bubble all around you!
   Older kid update: Really a neat program! Well worth a day of hookey with the kids to cut loose and have some learning fun! An impressive job - oh and there are snakes and tarantula's you can handle - if you dare!

Dad's Notes:
   The Jeanes Discovery Center has 16 different themed rooms, each one with a different learning experience and items to enhance the experience. The electricity room teaches about electricity with neat experiments. There are also optical illusions, simple machines, bubble experiments, this is not just a children's museum - but truly a hands on learning experience. A lot of fun for children and adults.

1300 S. University Parks, Waco, TX 76706

Admission (subject to change):
Adults: $6.00
Children (18 months to 12 years of age): $4.00
Seniors (65 years and older): $5.00
Military discounts available.

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Mon - Wed; Fri - Sat: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thur: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sun: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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