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Ikea Seattle
    Almost a Kids Museum for Grown ups!

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         Recommended by: Pisa Larker
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Jacob's Review:
   This is really fun - especially if you only go for fun and not to just get a couch. There are really good ideas and it is almost like getting to play house!    You can check out all the cool things for your bedroom, get lunch for almost nothing and there is a lot of other kids there too!

Paula's Notes:
   You say you’ve heard of IKEA? Well, have you experienced it?

   A Swedish based company, IKEA offering furniture and home furnishings with those clean, classic, minimalist designs the Swedes are known for that inspire the purity of uncluttered space, beauty and serenity - a rest for the eyes and soul in a busy, hectic world. All at unbelievable prices and great quality!

   Sure it’s a retail store but it’s also a great place to take the family on a rainy day or perhaps even a date! IKEA has made the shopping experience fun. They’ve designed the store layout to feel as if you’re walking through rooms in a house – kid’s rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms. Cleverly composed displays that help take the guess work out of interior design. Walk the predestined path through the store that IKEA has laid out or roam at your own whim. End your exploration at the Swedish Café for a bite to eat (live jazz music is offered seasonally on Tuesday nights from 5-8pm in the café)!

   Doing some serious kitchen planning or need some peace and quiet while you make that uber important sofa choice? IKEA offers free child care at the “Play Land”! They also have a free “Kids Club” card that allows kids to swipe their card for a free monthly prize!

   I love the kitchen gadget section! Lots of stainless steel shiny things. Their kitchen designs make me drool. And you can’t beat their prices!


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Mom's Note:   So when Jacob turns 18 I think he will get a gift card to Ikea as a hint!
Jacob Tip:   Older kids will like this to cuase they can get ideas for when they get their own apartment or go to college!
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