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Jacob's Review:
   This is easily the best way to do grocery shopping in Tacoma! You should even bring a camera! (I forgot mine)...

Paula's Notes:
   I adore walking through the Thursday Farmer’s Market on Broadway. First of all, the street is closed to traffic making it feel almost illicit to walk in the street (heeheehee). Secondly, I love Seattle’s Pike Place Market but live 30 odd miles away from it, and Tacoma’s Farmers Market provides me with the market “fix” I need on a smaller and more intimate scale. In fact, comparing the two, the Tacoma Market is awesome BECAUSE it’s not so crowded. One has a chance to visit with the vendors. It’s gratifying to learn about what you’re purchasing, making the experience and consummation of such purchases all that more personal.

   Indeed, you’ll find food booths, farmer’s stalls (organic!), flower stalls, herb & plant growers and craftspeople displaying their wares. The henna booth is always fun! Ever wanted a tattoo but not permanently? Get a henna! They’re surprisingly inexpensive and last about 3 weeks.


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Thur 10am-3pm (May-Aug)
Thur 10am-3pm (Sep-Oct)

Dome District Market
Tue 3pm-7pm (Jun-Sep)


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Mom's Note:   You can get flowers there too! ;-) (Make Mom's Day!)
Jacob Tip:   The vendors are usually in the same places - so once you know what you liked and who your favorite people where you can find them fast the next time!
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