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Union Station
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Jacob's Review:
   It's almost like a museum! Not a long thing to do by itself but if you are walking around downtown it is one place you should walk to! There is fountains and really cool art things on the walk there too!

Paula's Notes:
   Most people might bypass a federal courthouse altogether when planning a FUN activity. Judges, attorneys, courtrooms don’t seem all that “fun”, huh? However, please don’t bypass Union Station.

   What makes this refurbished train station cum federal courthouse so unique? Well, there are four stunning Chihuly installations in the rotunda and they are FREE to view! The rotunda alone is impressive. With a domed ceiling soaring 90 feet high and gorgeous polished mosaic floor, it’s the perfect site for one of Chihuly’s colorful, prismatic grand chandeliers! Once you’ve taken that in, execute a 360. You’ll also find a Monarch installation (think big delicate glass butterflies) flitting across an enormous window. The monarchs are set ablaze when the sun is “just so” in the sky. Keep turning and a beautiful mural of Chihuly’s basket paintings will delight your eye. Another turn and you’ll come across the unique and interesting Lakawana Ikebana installation.

   During courthouse hours, a Chihuly desk is staffed by a most gracious, wonderful guide who will tell you all about the artist and the beautiful Beaux Art architecture and history of the building. She’s delightful!


Admission (subject to change):

Phone Numbers:
1717 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402

Hours(subject to change):
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Closed Sat & Sun

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