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Fun family activities around Washington State!


       Tacoma and Fort Lewis Area:
       Tacoma is a Scadgit Native American word meaning plenty of food or nourishment, so named because of the abundance of food in the area. is a beautiful and under rated Jewel of the Northwest! Situated on the waterfront of the southern end of Puget Sound and overwatched by the magigally moving and awe inspiring Mount Ranier: rivers, forests, mansions and city life blend wonderfully in this growing area!
        There are shorelines, antiques, great food, parks that put any other parks to shame, an Army Fort (a couple actually). Museums, even museum quality grocery stores! The kid activities and family fun to be had in Tacoma is truly amazing. Come fall in love with the Northwest!
       Scenery, hiking, Mountain biking, fishing, river trails... more to come...
        Seattle area family fun and kids activities and adventures throuought Seattle.
        So what are some of these fun family activities? Lets take a look..
        Olympia, the little Capital of Washington! Right on the water, this mini city is adorable, fun and shouldn't be missed! The place to consider if you are moving to Washington!
       Island Hopping in Puget Sound:
       Islands of Puget Sound.... You can drive to some over high bridges, floating bridges or take the ferry system to others for a taste of true island hoping adventure!
       Bremerton & the Olympic Peninsula:
        The olympic peninsula, Bremerton, Port Angeles and the Hoh Rainforest. A truly amazing experience - if you haven't done a weekend on the Pennisula in a while - your family is in for a treat!
       North of Seattle toward Bellingham, Vancouver, BC, Canada....
       Vancouver, WA
        Family fun south of Tacoma - Olympia to Portland, Oregon and the Columbia river...
       Spokane old western city, mountains, lakes, forests and city life to boot...
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